Want to find out more about our offering? Check out our frequently asked questions below.

What’s included in my project?

It all depends on the type of project we’re working on – there are elements of film production that are common to all projects and we either manage these in-house or bring in trusted experts to work with us. When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Creative consultation – advice on the best way to integrate your video production into marketing campaigns and corporate communications.
  • The best approach – Talking heads, animation, infographics, drama, social media content? What do you want the audience to do when they have seen the film? We will consult with you and establish the most effective way to engage your audience and change behaviours.
  • Film crew – experienced people and state-of-the-art equipment sourced locally to you, or from our team of trusted professionals. Big lights and lots of people or a small discreet crew.
  • Video Producer/Director – outstanding, award winning effective production and direction from one or both of our creative directors get to the heart of the message.
  • Script writing – focused scripts that get your message across in the tone of voice that works best for your intended audience.
  • Editing – reliable, seamless editing that gives you a perfect finish.
  • Graphics – video animation and graphics gives an additional dimension to your corporate videos.
  • Voice-over recording – the ideal voice to give your video the personality it needs.

Can you come to my offices?

We spend most of our time on location; either at client offices or at specially-selected studios or filming locations that work with the message you want to deliver. So we can absolutely come to wherever you work.

We work around the world – we can even film in places where local talent and equipment are difficult to source or unreliable to book. With HEFAT (Hostile Environments Training) qualifications and experience across a wide range of countries, we can support your film production at home or overseas. We have worked in the remotest places in India, South America, China, and the Middle East and come back with the greatest footage that makes an outstanding film.

What can I expect?

A professional, creative and budget conscious approach to creating a stand-out film that promotes your business, organisation, product or message.


Collaboration and approval at every significant step

  • Meet, scope the project and deliver our creative response and budget
  • Draft initial script
  • Create any graphic or animation sample frames needed
  • Source music and voice artists/actors/locations if applicable
  • Revise script if necessary
  • Confirm artists and music if needed


  • Arrange crew, locations, composer, graphic artist, on screen talent
  • Filming in all agreed locations
  • Creating graphics, animations and any other elements you need


  • Editing
  • Final voice-over recording
  • Music mix
  • Final client approvals


When everything is done, we’ll deliver or upload your video in the format you choose, and you can use it straight away in campaigns or internally.

What sort of video productions do you manage?

We work on:

  • Long and short corporate films
  • Talking heads videos
  • How-to videos
  • Video animations
  • Campaign-specific video messaging
  • Brand films
  • Product launches
  • IPO and investment films
  • Internal communications videos
  • Social media content
  • YouTube channels content

… and much more.

Caring for the planet

Key Productions uses renewably sourced electricity from our own solar array and Tesla battery and from Octopus Energy which uses wind, solar and wave energy sources. Soon we will be transporting crew and equipment to location with an electric vehicle, charged from our solar array.