Sophie Key: Creative Director

For Sophie it’s all about the people. She loves them.
From helping a client figure out what they want and need, to teasing a strong performance out of a time strapped executive, she works tirelessly to deliver the best possible product without any tears or dramas along the way.
She has written, produced and directed award winning corporate videos for a huge list of clients including Worldpay, British Airways, Lloyds Banking Group, Unilever, Vodaphone, John Lewis, Deloittes, BP and Help the Hospices.

Sam Key: Creative Director

Like the Swan, graceful on the surface, paddling furiously under the water.
Sam makes it look easy but behind the scenes is hours of prep and ‘beyond the call of duty’ post production to make it all wonderful.
He has filmed, produced and directed films for Goldman Sachs, Virgin Atlantic, The Army, RBS, Saudi Aramco, Action Aid, GSMA and PWC.

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